Romanet blowing truck

A Romanet blowing truck.

Why choosing our systems

Since its origins, Romanet has two trademarks. The first is to provide its customers with systems tailored to their individual needs. We are able to modify our standard systems to fully adapt them to your business. We design with you the best machine.

Our second trademark is to offer standard systems at the best price. We have optimized the manufacturing of these systems so that they follow the requirements of most of the users, and to obtain the fairest price.

In any case, our goal is to always design and build systems that are perfectly reliable, robust, efficient and require little maintenance.

Our systems are experienced

We started to develop our products in 1991. It is then more than 25 years that we are improving our blowing technics. We are then at the top of the blowing technics.

They are performing

With our systems, you will be able to blow the more demanding products, like wood chips. We provide the highest discharging speeds, for the best efficiency.

Their reliability has been proven

Our systems are robust. We always choose the best quality for the elements we are assembling, and the best design we can imagine. Therefore our systems are very durable.

We have happy customers

Our customers have a great experience with our blowing systems. We are really proud of their feedbacks !

Frequently asked questions

What are the products that your systems can blow ?

Romanet systems are able to blow many kinds of products. They were initially designed to blow wood chips and wood pellets. But we have also designed systems for other applications, for example crushed ice, substratum for green roofs, mulch, straw, and so on, and we are currently developing systems for the blowing of miscanthus and RCW (ramial chipped wood or BRF from the french name "Bois Raméal Fragmenté"). Have a look to our different applications by browsing our different systems.

Who are the Romanet systems intended for ?

We have various kinds of customers : mainly they are woodsmen or they deliver wood chips and wood pellets for heating systems and oil boilers, but they are sometimes individuals using our compact and mobile systems to manipulate and carry their wood chips and wood pellets at home. We have also customers in industries, some others are craftsmen, ...

Can you adapt your systems to a peculiar use ?

Yes we can ! This is one of our best skills. We can design and build a system adapted to your peculiar use. Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your specific need.

Where can we see a demo ?

We do participate each year to the "wood as energy" show ( But your are also kindly invited to visit us. We are about 70 kilometers far from Lyon city, FRANCE.

Our range of products is wide, just like the range of applications we cover. We can assist you in the design and manufacture of systems for your specific applications. Discover our systems in images and videos :

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