Our origins

Yves Romanet, founder of this company, is originally a woodsman. He starts his job in 1991, and work on all kind of forestry tasks.

He quickly realizes that those tasks are neglecting large quantities of wood, considered as waste.

Wood as energy

In 1999, Yves Romanet decides to find a new use for this wood : wood energy. Finally, he does not find a new use only for this wood, but also for woods not used in sawmills.

Blowing systems

A new challenge appears on the wood energy users side : tanks storing this material are often difficult to access for deliverers. Yves Romanet starts this new challenge and develops from 2006 a very first blowing system for wood chips. The objective is to be able to deliver the wood chips directly to the customers' tanks.

In 2007, the first system was ready and delivered to a woodsman. Other systems will be then developped, directly mounted on trucks or tractors, intended to blow wood chips or wood pellets, fro woodsmen, deliverers, or even for home use.

Our patents

From the very begining, Yves Romanet protects its inventions with patents. Two patents are then declared and are still active : patent n°0754936 and patent n°0752753.