Compact and mobile systems rental

We rent JYJ400 systems on wheels, for all your punctual uses. Or so that you learn about the qualities of our equipment before investing? Feel free to contact us to book a system.

Maintenance and repair

If your system needs to be serviced or repaired, we will always be there to help. Romanet is committed to offering these services to keep your system in perfect working order.

Used systems sales

You are thinking of investing in one of our most efficient systems, and you will no longer use your first Romanet system? We may be able to sell it for you! Let us know and contact us.

Conversely, you want to buy a used Romanet system? Contact us and describe the system you want, we may be able to sell it to you.

Spare parts

You need a spare part for your Romanet blowing system ? No worry, we provide you with all the necessary pieces at the best price ! Contact us.

Leasing possibility

We can provide leasing solutions. Contact us for more details.